Strawberry & Avocado smoothie.!

Today’s breakfast smoothie is a bit Health oriented and for diet conscious peeps..!the ingredients are really helpful for people suffering from thyroid or pcos. And am not going to start my lecture on giving a detailed info about the health benefits of basil,turmeric or avocado here. As all must be knowing it and well aware of the calorie counts in it too.!

So am going straight to the recipe now.!


Strawberries-1/2 cup



Basil leaves-5 /(tulsi)

Flax seeds-1 tsp

Turmeric powder -1/4tsp

Pumpkin seeds(optional)

Cinnamon- a dash

Chia seeds-a little

Almond milk-3/4 cup


It’s very easy. First take strawberries,banana,flax seeds,pumpkin seeds,turmeric,cinnamon ,1/2 cup of almond milk and blend it into a smoothie. Pour it on a tall glass or mason jar.

Then add avocado,basil and 1/4cup of balance almond milk and blend it into purée and layer it on top of the strawberry smoothie and garnish with a dash of cinnamon and chia seeds.!

A very delicious and healthy smoothie is ready to fill your stomach for morning breakfast.. and remember for you can substitute the almond milk with yoghurt(curd) “oh oh not recommended for vegans 😁 or with coconut water.!!!

Enjoy your smoothie and have a great day guys.! 🤓


2 thoughts on “Strawberry & Avocado smoothie.!

    1. Avocado is bland in taste.. as I don’t add any sweetener you can have the natural taste of avocados.. 🙂 but can be mixed with pitted dates and vanilla essence if you don’t like the bland or the raw taste of it.


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