Mango shrikkand

Who will not love mangoes..!!!! I found mangoes in my fridge and thought of making some flavoured yoghurt or shrikkand out of it.!! So let’s jump on to the recipe.! Very simple and easy.!


Mango pulp-1 cup

Greek yoghurt-1 cup

Sugar-3 tbsp

Saffron strands-a little

Mango chopped-1/4 cup

Pistachio / Almonds


In a blender add the mango pulp and purée it..

You can use hung curd or Greek yoghurt.. add that in a bowl ,then add the puréed mango and sugar to it.. then add saffron strands to this.. (soaked in a teaspoon of milk) then add mango essence(optional) then a dash of cardamom powder.!

Or can as well add yoghurt in a Muslim cloth strain the water and keep in refrigerator for 3 hours and then follow the procedure I have mentioned above.

Then in a tall glass or bowl add chopped mangoes,then add the shrikkand and then add little purée of mango and top it some more with the shrikkand.

Then garnish on top with strands of saffron and sliced almonds.. serve it chill.!💁🏻‍♀️

Enjoy this dessert.!


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