Lunch platter 13

Today’s lunch menu is little special for me because it has three main items that I make rarely and love to eat.. the snake guard poriyal,coconut raitha and maavadu pickle.. US has snake guard but after a long time I bought it.. and it was so green and tender and loved to cook it with a hint of besan(kadalai maavu) which gives a different taste for the poriyal. My mom used to make this when I was a kid and adore the taste as always… and a trick to make kids eat 😁 and coconut raitha another drooling yummy one for me in a thali platter. Then everyone would love this and cannot say no to maavadu..!!!! The aroma,the taste and the divine flavor of this mango so yum.

Let’s go for the menu:

Today’s lunch platter


Drumstick kuzhambu

Onion rasam

Snake guard tossed in besan poriyal

Coconut raitha


Maavadu pickle


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