Chocolate smoothie bowl


Banana-1 frozen

Coco powder-1 tbsp

Rolled oats-1tbsp

Pitted dates-2

Peanut butter-1 tbsp

Almond milk-2 oz

Heavy cream-1/2 tbsp

Chia seeds-1tbsp

Maple syrup(optional) -1tsp

Sliced banana

Granola-1 oz

Walnuts-4 to 5

Chocolate syrup(optional)


In a blender add frozen bananas,almond milk,heavy cream,peanut butter,chia seeds,rolled oats,pitted dates,coco powder and maple syrup and blend on high..

pour the creamy mixture to a bowl and top it up with sliced bananas,granolas and walnuts and chia seeds.

Garnish with chocolate syrup or even peanut butter.

*peanut butter can be substituted with almond butter

*almonds / pecans can also be used if you don’t have walnuts or don’t like to.

*dark chocolate can be added instead of coco powder or organic chocolate or powder can be substituted

* I added maple syrup for my sweet craving and that step can be completely skipped

*vegans can skip the diary like heavy cream and go for coconut cream or coconut milk alone or almond milk or even cashew milk.. which is all very easy to make at home.

*protein or collagen powder can be added to your smoothie

*avocado can be added too.!


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