Sweet potato & Banana smoothie


Now don’t think am gone mad looking at the name of today’s smoothie.!!! I am alive drinking and they are tasting good.

(I dint add raw sweet potato as I was skeptical to do this trial and error.. I boiled for 3 mins)

Sweet potato & Banana smoothie.!

I know it’s Friday.. but I thought I can decently follow some healthy regimen than adding calories..!!!

Trust me it’s delicious and tasty..!!!

And it’s vegan and gluten free.!!!

Jumping to the recipe here.!


Sweet potato-1/4 cup

Frozen banana-1

Pitted dates -3


Vanilla essence -1tsp

Nutmeg- a dash of it

Almond&coconut milk-1/2 cup


Blend everything together.. as I mentioned above I wasn’t sure to add a raw one.. so I did a quick boiling method.

And enjoy your morning.!

Happy weekend guys.! 🙋🏻‍♀️


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