Green apple & avocado smoothie

Good morning all..!

Happy Friday.!.!!

Being Friday I thought of indulging my morning breakfast with some cheat creamy smoothie or chocolate one..!!

But changed my mind and jumped into healthy green smoothie looking at the fresh green apples and ripe avocados.!

Who can say no for it when you have them with you..

But also thought of adding some key ingredient for some craziness..

So here we go with the recipe.!


Green apple-1


Baby spinach-1/4 cup

Almond&coconut milk-1cup

Turmeric root-1/4 piece

Dill leaves- few strands


Blend in all the above ingredients and make a smoothie which will be creamier in consistency and very tasty and healthy as well.!

I haven’t added any sweetener as it tasted good naturally.. if In need of some sweetness do add honey/agave..!! Or you can also add maple syrup..!

Or palm sugar or coconut sugar too.. try what is best for you.

Trust me they are like cream pie.!

Another substitutes are.. you can add cucumber instead of green apple..

then you can skip the milk and go for coconut water and add lime juice too.

You can also add either almond milk or coconut.

I added as I had a combination of these two.

Alright guys enjoy your weekend..

Planning to come up with some dessert recipe.. let me see..


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