Detox green smoothie

Today’s smoothie is a detox drink which cleanses,energize and helps skin and health too..!

It does help in losing weight.. Am not an expert as I read this in an article am quoting it here…


Honey dew-1/2 cup


Kale-1/2 cup

Baby spinach-1/4cup

Celery-1/4 cup

Coconut water-1 cup

Chia seeds-1tsp

Maple syrup-1tsp

Lemon juice -1/2

Ginger-1/4 piece..


Blend everything together and enjoy your refreshing drink..

If you prefer a creamy consistency you can add frozen bananas too..

It’s vegan and gluten free..

You can substitute honey or stevia or agave instead of maple syrup here..

You can also substitute honey dew to apple,pear or mango..

And can also add cucumber..

Even adding avocado is a good option..

Point is to add an alkalizer,sweetener and a digestive root like ginger or turmeric roots which are called as super foods..

And some detoxifies like parsley,basil,mint,cilantro..

Adding broccoli and beets are a good option too..

Grapefruit and citrus 🍊 too 😉


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