Ellu thogayal(sesame sauce)

Sesame seeds/ellu are extremely beneficial for health and it prevents diabetics,low blood pressure and even prevents wide variety of cancer..

It gives a wonderful flavor when added to the food with different recipes and it does aggregate the body heat so consumed in a decent quantity is better..

This thogayal is popular in tirunelveli along with black urud dal rice..!

Here we go with the recipe.!


Black sesame seeds/white sesame-2tbsp

Urud dal-1tbsp

Red chili-2



Tamarind paste-1/2tsp

Salt as per taste



In a pan dry roast sesame seeds without burning it.. as doing so will give a bitter taste later.

You can use either black,brown or white sesame seeds..

I used black here..

Then in the same pan add oil,red chili,urud dal,asafetida and coconut..

Add into a blender altogether And add the tamarind paste and salt and grind them into a coarse consistency.

Very aromatic and tasty thogayal is good to go with hot rice and ghee or with curd rice or dosa..


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