Beans parupusili

A very popular and tasty poriyal of south India..

especially around Brahmins..

It’s a wonderful combination with the green beans and thuvarans..

And it’s goes very well with vathakuzhambu,rasam rice, mor kuzhambu and even curd rice..

Kids will love this as well..





Urud dal-1tsp

Curry leaves

For usili:

Thuvar dal-1/4 cup

Chana dal-1/4 cup

Red chili-2





Chop green beans and boil it adding salt and strain and keep aside.

Soak thuvar dal and Chana dal for 20 mins and then in a blender add the dals and other items mentioned under usili column..

Make a paste..

In a pan add oil,mustard,urud dal and curry leaves and add the usili.. cook for 5 to 10 mins on low flame and add the boiled beans and continue cooking for 5 more mins..

Serve hot with rice.


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