Dinner πŸ₯˜

Today’s dinner

Methi poori

Sweet corn dal

The recipe for sweet corn dal is been posted already please check the blog post in my page.

Now to the poori. I did not add any thing special or any soda. I dint use the methi leaves rather I just used the kasuri methi .Here is the quick recipe

β€’In a vessel add 1/4 cup of water and to it add 2 tsp of olive oil and salt.

β€’ Then Add 2tbsp of kasuri methi. (Can also add turmeric and masala items but I kept it simple)

β€’ To it add 2 cups of wheat flour and knead well and make a round dumpling and cover it with a cloth or plate and keep aside. Or make poori’s immediately.

β€’Heat oil for frying and roll the dough into palm size round shape and fry them in oil.

Remember the temperature of the oil should be hot and consistent and don’t keep fluctuating the oil temperature and cook on medium so that the dough will get cooked.

Enjoy the poori’s with any side dish. I had it with the dal.!


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