Moong dal & curry leaves dip (payathamparupu & karuvepillai thogayal)

Payathamparupu karuvepillai thogayal:

(Moong dal curry leaves chutney)

1. Add 2 tsp of oil, 2 red chilies,1/4tsp of pepper corns ,1/2 cup of moong dal and sauté well till the color of the dal turns into golden color. (Don’t keep on high or burn the dal)

2. Add 1tbsp of garlic minced. (Please add 3 cloves of garlic as I dint have I added minced) Sauté curry leaves separately and add to the dal and add 1/2 tsp of asafetida,1tsp of tamarind paste,salt as needed, 2tbsp of grated coconut.

3. Allow it to cool and add water 3 tbsp and grind into coarse to smooth paste

Enjoy this with rice or idly or dosa.!


Skip garlic if you don’t want to add.

Add ginger to it if you want to have along. It will be great or you can skip that too.

You can skip curry leaves and make just dal thogayal.


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