Arisi upma

A famous and authentic South Indian recipe ARISI UPMA (made with broken rice and lentil) & CAPSICUM PULI GOTSU (green bell peppers in tamarind gravy) .




It’s very special and authentically cooked in heavy bottomed bronze metal pot.. which is in a traditional way in south part of India.. we usually make pongal too in it.. .



1. I quickly coarse ground the rice and thuvar dal together (1 cup of rice + 3 tbsp of thuvar dal)

2. Then in the vengala paanai (bronze metal pot) add 2 tbsp of oil, 3/4th mustard seeds, 1 tsp urud dal, 1 tsp Chana dal, 4 red chilies, 1/4 tsp pepper, 1/2 tsp cumins and curry leaves and allow it to splutter .. once done add the grounded rice and dal to it and mix well.

3. Add 2 3/4 th cup of water and to it add 1/2 tsp of asafetida powder and salt and cover with lid and cook on low flame .. (add grated coconut and ginger if you want)

4. Once done just drizzle one teaspoon of ghee and serve hot. With Gotsu, TIFFEN sambar or even coconut chutney .. even goes well with Avakai pickle (mango pickle) .


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