Onion Vathakuzhambu |Recipe

I grew up in the house of grand mom, where hot rice and kzuhambu are always dominating with rice. Then carried the same in in-laws house making pot full of it and storing it. They usually have the best taste and aroma the next day. Even a fritter or a cup of yoghurt will do with it. The idea or making of this kuzhambu or the name “Vathakuzhambu” means you need to allow it to thicken naturally without sticking on to the bottom of the pan and allow them to relish it with gingely oil / sesame oil with some ghee along. In addition to that I added some sunberries (manathakalika vathal) and Dried Neem flowers (Vepampoo). Thats totally an option, you dint have to add.

So let’s jump into the recipe.


Pearl Onions-5-6

Sunberries(Manathakalika vathal)-1/3 cup

Dried Neem flowers (Vepampoo) -2tbsp

Tamarind – Lemon size

Sesame Oil- 2&1/4 tbsp

Mustard- 3/4th tsp

Fenugreek seeds- 1/4tsp

Thuvar dal-1tsp

Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp

Red Chili powder- 1tsp

Sambar/Kuzhambu powder-1tbsp

Salt- as needed

Asafetida powder-1/4tsp

Coriander powder-1tsp

Ghee- 2tsps

Time: 30 mins


  1. In a pan add 2tbsp of Sesame oil and to it add the mustards, fenugreek seeds and thuvar dal.
  2. Then add the onions, sun berries and dried neem flowers. (manathakalika vathal & vepampoo) and saute for three mins.
  3. Then in a cup add the powdered ingredients together. The turmeric, chili powder, coriander powder, salt, Sambar powder, asafetida powder and mix them well together and add them to the pan and stir. Add curry leaves and saute for two mins.
  4. Meanwhile soak the tamarind in water for minimum 10 mins and then extract the juice out of it and add 2&1/2 cups of Tamarind water to the pan. Allow the kuzhambu to boil for 7-8 mins. Once you see the size proportion of the kuzhambu has reduced into half and see it thicken to half, drizzle 3 tsps of sesame oil along with ghee.
  5. It’s ready to be served with hot rice.


  • If you want to add jaggery at the end you can add. Adding jaggery will subside extra spice and also gives a unique taste to the kuzhambu.
  • You can use any vegetables along the onions. (or) can also use dried vathal’s alone.
  • Rice flour is been used as paste at the end or while frying the other spice powders to thicken the kuzhambu.
  • Adding sesame oil will preserve the kuzhambu by not allowing fungus to form, and can be stored in fridge for 10days.
  • Some would love to add Red chilies (whole) while sauteeing the veggies. you can do that too no harm, but while doing it try to lessen the chili powder (or) if you are a spice eater please do add everything.


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