Sweet potato & apple veg salad




Sweet potato-1





Brussel sprouts-5 numbers

Walnuts-7 pieces

Pecans-7 pieces

Dried cranberries -1/2tsp

Toasted pumpkin seeds-1/2tsp

Poppyseed white sauce-2tsp

Thousand island dressing -1tsp

Light vinaigrette-1/2 tsp

Dried parsley-1/4tsp

How to make:

Dice tomato’s,cucumber and apple.boil diced sweet potatoes in microwave for 6minutes and add it along the other vegies. Shred cabbage,lettuce,kale and slice Brussels sprouts and add it to them.add chopped walnuts,pecan,pumpkin seeds and cranberries to it and mix well. Add the sauce and sprinkle with dried parsley. Serve cold and it really tastes good.

•you can add cottage cheese to it

•you can add broccoli as it’s very healthy and tasty too.


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