Egg kholapuri


Eggs-4 nos

Coconut-head full spoon

Onion-1 big


Green chili-1

Ginger garlic paste-1tbsp

Poppy seeds-1/2tsp



Red chili powder-1/4tsp

Pepper powder-1/4tsp

Turmeric powder-1/4tsp

Salt-1 1/2tsp

Coriander powder-1/4tsp

Garam masala powder-1/4tsp


Grated cheese -1tbsp

Coriander leaves(garnishing)


To fry:

Boiled and sliced eggs



Boil the eggs for 10minutes and keep it aside.

In a pan add oil,then sauté green chili,onion,cashews.

Then after two minutes add poppy seeds and tomatoes along with paprika powder. And fry for two minutes covering the lid.

Now add them in blender by adding grated coconut/desicated coconut.

Slice the boiled eggs and keep them ready for frying.

In the same pan add oil and fry the eggs.

In a pan add some more oil/ghee add cumin and the puréed paste.

And to that add the above mentioned masala ingredients.

After sautéing the masala for 5 to 7 minutes add the fried eggs to the purée.

After 3 minutes add the grated cheese and coriander leaves.

Now the egg kholapuri is ready to serve hot. Goes well with pulav,white rice,phulka,naan,parota,dosa.!

•for vegan’s you can substitute with tofu or paneer.

•vegetables can be added instead of egg as veg kholapuri.

•you can skip coconut and add coconut milk instead if not liking the grated or grounded taste of coconut.


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