Vazhaipoo parupusili

As I have already mentioned about my love for this poriyal in today’s platter post I am not gona repeat that again here.

So let’s jump into the recipe now.


Vazhaipoo(banana flower) -1




Curry leaves

For usili :

Tuvar dal-1/2cup

Chana dal-1/2cup

Red chilies-4

Water to sprinkle


To temper:


Red chili-1

Mustard seeds-1/4tsp

Urud dal-1/2tsp


Cut vazhaipoo by taking the stem inside and chop it and add to water. In water add curd and make it as buttermilk and add them in that so that the color of vazhaipoo won’t turn black.

Microwave the vazhaipoo for 5 mins.

Soak tuvar dal and Chana dal in water for 15 mins

Then in the blender add the dal along with red chili,turmeric,salt and grind into a coarse paste

Then in a pan add oil then red chili,mustard,urud dal and curry leaves.

Then add the grounded paste to it.

Put it in low flame and allow dal to get cooked.

Then add the boiled vazhaipoo to it and add the balance salt and asafetida.

Sauté and mix well and let it get cooked well together.

Then serve hot with vathakuzhambu or sambar it will be yummy..!!! 🤤🤤


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