Smoothie bowl


Mango-1 diced and frozen



Flax seeds-1 tsp


Rolled Oats-2tbsp

Pitted dates-2

Pumpkin seeds-1/2tsp

Almond milk-2 oz

Ghirardelli dark chocolate- 1/4 portion


Mix rolled oats and chia in lil almond milk and refrigerate for 2 hours

Then in a blender toss in the frozen mangoes and blend them with 2 oz of almond milk,pumpkin seeds,pitted dates and flax seeds..

in a bowl add the puréed mango and then add the soaked oatmeal and chia on a side.

Then in the blender blend avocado and an oz of almond milk and purée them and add them to the bowl by layering on the other side.

Dip in the dark chocolate..

I used blackberry and grape flavor.

And slice the kiwi and toss it on the bowl and garnish little chia on top of the avocado purée..!

Enjoy a healthy and filling breakfast.!


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