Vada/ulundhu vadai


Urud dal-3/4 cup

Rice flour-2tbsp

Green chilies-2

Ginger-1/4 piece

Pepper corns-1/2tsp

Baking soda- a pinch

Coriander leaves

Curry leaves

Cling wrap



Soak urud dal for three hours .

Grinding in grinder gives a fluffy texture but with proper consistency we can achieve the similar texture in mixer.

Strain the water from urud dal and grind it smoothly by adding salt and a teaspoon of water and if needed one more. And don’t be liberal in adding water as we will not be able to make the vada shape.

In a small jar add green chili and ginger and blend well.

Add this to the batter and add rice flour,pepper corns,coriander leaves and curry leaves.

Adding baking soda gives some crispness.

But the step can be skipped.

And adding onions or cabbage gives a unique taste.

Take a cling wrap or plastic sheet and place them on a flat surface.

Wet the sheet with water and wet ur palm with water and take the batter and roll it with hands flatten it on the sheet and make a hole and deep fry them in oil. Remember oil has to be in medium to low flame so that the inside of the batter will get cooked.

And check the oil before frying by adding a drop of batter to check the right temperature for frying.


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