Carrot cake turmeric smoothie(Gluten -Free,Vegan)


Carrot-1 big

Pineapple-1/4 cup


Turmeric root-1/2piece

(Turmeric powder-1/2tsp)

Ginger-1/4 piece

Cinnamon -1/4tsp

Chia seeds-1tsp

Coconut milk-1/4 cup

Grated coconut -a little to garnish

Vanilla essence(optional)

Any fruits of your choice to garnish


Toss in all the above mentioned ingredients and blend on high to make the smoothie.

And garnish on top with grated coconut and fruits or nuts of your choice and taste…

Enjoy the flavorful smoothie to kick start the day.!

And turmeric plays a vital role for us.. regards to health benefits because of the anti inflammatory properties that has got..

Am adding a picture which explains the benefits of turmeric here.

Of course I grabbed the picture from google 😬

*i added honey as I wanted sweetener.. as coconut milk has got natural sweetening taste you can skip the step.

*if turmeric roots are not available turmeric powder can be added.

*if you don’t have pineapple that’s fine. Can be substituted with cantaloupe,mango or can just go with plain carrot and turmeric too.

*pitted dates can be added and even walnuts.

*toss in your favorite protein powder along with it

*even a good handful of grated cauliflower will make wonders.


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