Sweet orange smoothie



Pineapple-1 cup


Chia seeds-1tsp

Turmeric root -1/2 tsp grated


This is like drinking a fresh,healthy and a whole fruit incarnation of orange and pineapple with an addition of banana for a creamy texture and a twist of adding turmeric root to it gives a healthy blast. This tangy blaster gives a good and refreshing start for the day with a summery feel and has health benefits too. It’s purely gluten-free,vegan and clean eating.!

You can add coconut milk,almond milk or even coconut water but I preferred with the pure orange juice which lifts up the smoothie with the taste of tanginess and the right consistency. And the flavors infused in this adding turmeric root feels so great. I loved the natural sweetness of the fruits. Try out and enjoy your morning 🙂


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