Cabbage and paneer casserole

Came through this recipe and it’s completely keto ,low carb and also calling it as paleo recipe..

The original recipe had cabbage and chicken where in being a vegetarian I substituted paneer/cottage cheese instead of chicken..

They added some sausage as well in this.. but I did my own version..

So let me jump on to the recipe directly.!


Tri color bell peppers-1 cup

Cabbage sliced -1/2 cup

Onions sliced-1

Mushrooms-1/2 cup

Celery-1/4 cup

Four cheese/mozzarella -1/2 cup(shredded)

Paneer/cottage cheese-1/2 cup

Pepper powder-1/2 tsp

Onion powder-1/4tsp

Garlic powder -1/4tsp

Balsamic vinaigrette-1tsp

Dried parsley-1/4tsp

Dried basil-1/4tsp

Salt as per taste

Olive oil-1tbsp

Butter- 2oz(a small cube)


Preheat oven at 375c

In a skillet add olive oil and then toss in onions,peppers,cabbage,celery,mushrooms and paneer and sauté it for two mins by adding salt,pepper powder and other spices..

Then add the dried parsley and basil and transfer the mixture to a butter or olive oil sprayed casserole or baking tray..

I greased with butter..

Then fill the top of veggies with cheese..

And bake it for 10mins..

Serve hot..

It’s delicious,healthy and completely gluten free..

Try out and enjoy..


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