Chili mushroom(indo Chinese )

This chili mushroom is a combination of Indian spices along with the Chinese traditional method of making the chili tossed bellpeppers and sauces..

You can do the same with paneer..

I have used mushrooms here..


Mushrooms-1 cup

Onion -1


Bell pepper(all colors)-1 1/2 cups

Chopped garlic-1tbsp

Chopped ginger-2tsp

Green chilies-3

Soy sauce-1/4tsp

Pepper powder-2tsp

Salt as per taste

Oil -for frying

Coriander leave

For batter:

All purpose flour-1 tbsp

Rice flour-1 tsp

Corn flour-1tsp

Soy sauce-1/2tsp

Green chili paste-1tsp

Salt for taste..

For tempering:



Sesame seeds-1tsp


In a bowl add the ingredients under the batter Column and mix well without forming lumps.

To it add the washed and sliced mushrooms and deep fry them.. or shallow fry according to your taste and keep it aside.

Then in a pan add oil, the finely chopped garlic and ginger and the green chilies..

Sauté for a min and then add onions,tomato and the bell peppers.

To it add salt and pepper powder and toss well on high to medium..

Then add the fried mushrooms to it and cook for 3 mins and add the coriander leaves,.

Temper and serve hot..

If you don’t have chili paste do add red chili powder..

And can skip pepper powder..

Adding green onions will give nice flavor too.!


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