Palak paneer (different version)



a different version ..

I am directly jumping into the recipe


Palak -3cups

Dill leaves -1/2 cup(optional)

Paneer -1 1//2 cup

Tomatoes -2

Onions -2

Green chilies -3

Ginger -1/4 piece

Turmeric-1/2 tsp

Salt as needed

Coriander powder -1 tsp

Cumin powder -1 tsp

Garam masala powder-1 tsp

Garlic powder-1 tsp

Cashews-5 to 6 pieces

Walnuts -5 pieces

Grated four cheese/mozzarella-handsful

Kasuri methi -2 tbsp

Chat masala-1tsp

Cream-1 tsp

Ghee-1 tbsp

Olive oil -1 tbsp


1. Wash the greens and boil it by covering with lid for 3 mins and run in cold water and add green chilies and grind them into purée. (Do add raw dill leaves and no need to boil them. It’s an option and you can also skip them)

2. In a pan add onions and ginger and boil for 2 mins and then allow it to cool and grind them adding cashews and walnuts. (You can skip cashews or you can just add almonds alone instead of walnuts)

3. Dice tomatoes and paneer and keep aside

4. In a pan add ghee and oil and sauté tomatoes

5. Now to it add the puréed onion paste and cook for 3 mins by adding turmeric and salt.

6. Then to it add the masala powders and cover with lid and cook for a min

7. Now add the palak purée and then cover with lid again. Cook for 5 mins.

8. Now add the garlic powder and then after a min add kasuri methi (crush them and add)

9. Then add the chat masala and diced paneer and cook for two mins.

10. Now add the grated cheese and cook for a min.

11. At last drizzle some cream and ginger julienne’s and some more cheese.

Serve hot with roti,paratha , rice or naan..

I enjoyed with garlic naan.!

Step by step picture : 👇🏽

A glimpse of palak paneer in a short video.!


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